Just stop. 

Let’s just stop.
Stop teaching our daughters that when boys are mean to them, it’s probably just bc they like them. Don’t teach them to equate love with violence and pain.

Stop teaching our sons that their actions are excusable if the girl dresses or acts in a certain way.
Stop allowing others to place blame on you for their behavior. For their choices. Your choices are YOURS. YOU are responsible for YOUR behavior. Regardless of what happens to you or against you. You cannot control others but you MUST control yourself. And it’s THEIR responsibility to do the same. You are not in charge or responsible for someone else’s reactions/actions. And for Gods sweet name, PLEASE stop putting that responsibility onto others. Or even worse, stop teaching our kids to accept that as their own.
Stop excusing one person’s temper as valid, and forcing everyone to accept it and tolerate it because “oh, that’s just how they are! You just have to ignore it.”
Stop shaming others for tragedies in their lives. Lift them up. Listen. Be helpful or be nothing. There is no in between. Or at least there shouldn’t be. Anything in between only makes the problem worse.
Stop allowing your pride to come before what’s right. Stop fighting for the sake of winning and start building for the sake of someone else.
Stop throwing your garbage around. When you’re mad at a situation, leave it for that situation. Stop lumping other things into your line of fire when they have nothing to do with the anger/frustration/hurt you feel. Breaking someone else down doesn’t build you up. It doesn’t fix the situation. It only destroys more.
Stop hating blindly. You can’t wave your fist about one type of hate while applauding another as justified. It’s all hate. It’s all ugly. And it’s all destructive. These are PEOPLE. Sons, daughters, moms, dads, sisters, brothers. PEOPLE who are loved. And who love. Regardless of their color, occupation, or current circumstances.
Let’s just stop. Stop hating.
Let’s start loving.


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