Finding Brilliance

It’s often assumed that failure can blossom into brilliance and brilliance is often the result of pure determination and cured brokenness. It is, in my opinion, the times where this brilliance comes from out of no where that it seems to burn with the brightest and hottest flames. That light that blinds you into a blinking frenzy until you yield and close your eyes to see perfectly with only your soul looking. It is then that the heat can melt and shape you back into the resemblance of something useful. The white flame that seems invisible but does the most to mend the brokenness and breathe new life into the worn. 
The soul doesn’t have the common sense to rebuke the melting as insult to what it once was. It doesn’t feel as if it wasn’t good enough before, nor as if it has ever had the ability to fail at all. It only realizes that it’s yet to reach its potential. That the journey isn’t complete and that a greater fulfillment is available if it just breathes deep enough to break the mold that confined it yesterday. To expand the boundaries and restrictions that the mind placed in the past and ignore the snickering glances from those who refuse to burn.
We fight these demons that wait with open shackles, forgetting that we are holding the key in our other hand. Instead, we drown in the thought bubbles of our insecurities and we dig ditches with the shovels that have been forged from our hands. The screams inside our minds distract our ability to hear the directions our souls already see. And we fight. Until we stop. Either from failure or brilliance. Or brilliant failure, we stop. And let our soul lead the way.


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