Love is always the answer

We have all had our share of mistakes. We have all seen others fail. We have all experiences at one point of our lives or another, the disappointment of both wronging someone and of being wronged by someone we love and trust. The past few weeks alone, I have seen couples rejoice at their marriage, anniversary, birth of their child. I have seen parents weep at the loss of their baby. I have witnessed breakups and fights both aired on social media and I have known of the personal quiet fighting of demons and addictions off screen. All of this happens. Every day. To each of us. We battle. We hurt. We triumph. Sometimes we fall more times than we like. Sometimes we think we have it figured out only to realize later we merely found another way that didn’t work. We break, we forgive, we love, we hope. But it’s our journey. Each one different. And each one personal. Take the time to recognize that the gossip can hurt their struggle to climb back up just as much as the initial blow. That the whispers you think are behind their back are really being blasted over and over through their head. That sometimes your voice becomes their inner voice. Your projection of their worth becomes what they accept. And when you’re mean and negative, it hurts. We get lost in the translation. Behind the computer screen. The safety of the written word rather than the face to face voicing of our opinions where we are forced to be held accountable for the damage our words and opinions cause. It’s easy to spew words when you don’t have to see the pain you cause. We forget, as a whole, how to communicate with compassion and empathy. We forget how we want others to react and embrace us when we are in a similar situation. I challenge you all, the next time you hear gossip of someone did this or that or this person used to be like this or that… Don’t repeat it. Don’t even pretend to be interested. Tell the person in that moment that it’s not your journey to judge. That instead of listening to them regurgitate something they heard from someone’s best friends neighbors cousins uncles ex wife that you are simply going to do one thing. Pray for them and whatever struggle they are going through. And then here’s the hard part. Actually do it. Because even the people that are judging and attacking you for your past mistakes are in need of the same prayer that you are.


 It’s always the answer.


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