Photo credit Qwertthoughts289
She drifted in and out of the realization that this was all there was for her. Determined to make a name yet, afraid to be anything more than invisible. It was safe in the shadows she’d carefully formulated to hide herself at a moments notice. The light specifically spaced to shine bright only when others weren’t watching. She’d dance there and pretend there was a world that cared. A world that listened. A world that didn’t wait for her answers, but created new questions instead. She wasn’t afraid there. Wrong answers meant new adventures and possibilities for laugh lines. There was freedom in her movements and in her laughter.But the shadows came back around. The creases of her forehead revealing the frustration of her placement. And she wept. For the realization of who she was.

She was a book without a cover. The pages frayed and smudged from soiled fingers who handled her carelessly and left their marks. But her words were unharmed. Pure. Her heart was there in each line that went on for miles. Waiting to be read. Understood. Forgiven. Spoken. Loved. She pushed back from the edge of the cliff and slid back down the wall in the shadows. In the quiet. Her heart beat deafening and revealing her hiding place to he who would stop to read. 

But he doesn’t. He scatters her thoughts with out consequence and tears the pages from the back as if to erase what’s been done. Where she’d been. Who she’d become in him. But He forgets The beginning is the best part. Too focused on where it ends to take joy in the lift off. Where your feet are floating above the gravel lane and your hands dance around his acknowledgement. Where indifference is non existent and boundaries are unheard of. Where hope lives and love overflows and the purity of it all is unbroken. The beginning is the key. And somewhere between seconds and all night lies the problem. Where it unravels. Where we begin to look for ways to escape from rather than ways to run away together.

The birds still carry their song in their wings and the clocks continue to chime. The wind dried her face and the shadows came back to view. The safety of her invisibility wrapped her in warmth and she smiled. And for now, That’s enough. But tomorrow… She will write her name in the stars.


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