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There are moments in life that the world seems to stop spinning. We struggle to cling to the gravity that held us to the familiar without admitting that we no longer recognize what we are afraid to lose grip of. We have wished and held so tight to the fragments of what we believe to be what is needed. The fear of letting go. And being let go of. Of testing your navigation mid flight. And feeling the spin of losing control. Or even the fear that the free fall is what you crave. That the knowledge you have and the feelings you desire will never align to match the picture you have so vividly captured as your goal. So we sit. In fear of going forward, afraid of looking back. Blind to the warnings along the way. And terrified of exposing our own insecurities and admitting our life isn’t where we want it to be. The familiar is now foreign. The courage required to step to the new path is exhausting. Where the promise of security and happiness waits balanced on the fence of the unknown.


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