It’s a strange feeling to wake up with the realization that you’ve been here before yet everything is different. The comfort of home without the reassurance or ease. The walls are faded and the lights flicker and you wonder how long you’ve been asleep, or if you’re even awake. Time plays tricks on your vision and you’re depth perception is uncertain. you can watch the reassurance as it fades into the shadows of the fan blades circling over head. 
“Here’s the challenge,” he said with his back against the wall. “Do you run after life or do you stand up and live?” 
There’s truth to the notion that you must go after what you want to fly beyond where you’ve been. But there’s also danger in running after something only to lose focus of the journey for the destination. 
There’s a pendulum of awkwardness teetering to each side waiting for the tics to toc and the birds to sing. The snow falls into rainbows and the sun shines under the sea. Where nothing makes sense, yet everything works brilliantly. Questions become as irrelevant as their solutions. Lies become outsmarted by the truth. And the heart is no longer in sync with your mind. Logic tells you you’ll never win. But the wind whispers what your soul should have never forgotten . It’s impossible for you to fail. It always has been.


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